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Psychological Services for individuals living in Retirement, Assisted Living, and Long Term Care Communities in the Chicagoland and Suburban Areas

Licensed Clinical Psychologists at JG Health & Wellness provide psychological services to individuals and groups to promote a deeper sense of overall emotional and physical health. We believe that emotional and and physical health are directly correlated. Through a variety of quality psychological services and collaboration with all health professionals involved in our clients’ care, we aim to encourage self-awareness and autonomy within the individual.

We take a holistic approach to our clients’ psychosocial well-being by reinforcing and encouraging the importance of self-expression, socialization, cognitive stimulation, medication and medical compliance, improved sleeping and eating routines, and regular exercise.

We are passionate about working with the aging population and individuals who reside in Retirement, Assisted Living, and Long Term Care Communities. We understand that aging, medical conditions, mental health issues, and moving in to these communities are significant adjustments. We are there to provide extra emotional support for our clients as they try to maintain a high quality of life as they age and adjust to life’s transitions.